• Develop a more flexible, limber body


  • Develop strength


  • Develop a balanced, focused mind and body



I provide detail-oriented, high-quality private sessions in the Philadelphia area. I create class plans that build strength, stretch, challenge, and restore, so that you will walk away feeling lighter, more balanced, and more alive. Together, we’ll remove the barriers that keep you from realizing your potential. If you have problems with core strength, flexibility, digestion, weight-loss, repetitive stress injuries, or are simply interested in building a healthy and safe yoga or fitness practice, I do my best to help you move beyond your current limitations. Beginners to yoga benefit especially from the personal attention to form and technique offered in private sessions. Fatima Adamu, Kate Zyskowski

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a branch of the National Institutes of Health, several studies have linked a regimen of yoga classes to a reduction in lower back pain and improved back function. Other studies suggest that practicing yoga lowers heart rate and blood pressure; helps relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia; and improves overall physical fitness, strength and flexibility.

Along the course of your yoga or fitness journey, I’ll use different approaches to help you get the greatest possible benefit. I’ll be:

-Trainer; I will show you poses and breathing techniques that will build your muscular and mental strength.
-Teacher; I will give you the knowledge needed to move beyond your current limitations.
-Mentor; I will encourage you to find your inspiration and bring it into your yoga practice.
-Coach; I will pay close attention to your body and help you maximize your current potential and achieve new goals.

I have worked with athletes, people who use wheelchair for mobility, clients in their 60s and 90s as well as new mothers. I offer private sessions in the Philadelphia area and also teach group classes at Studio 34 Yoga.

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